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"Whispers in the Stone ll"     £225

"Whispers in the Stone ll" £225

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The signature of W Kempton is found on one of the beams up in the Octagon of Ely Cathedral.  The Kemptons were a local family who set up greengrocers in Ely in the 1500's and were shopkeepers in Ely for many years.   The family names are also on panels from 1916 and there was a choirboy in the choir school.  It is probably the local connection between the family and the Cathedral that resulted in the name on the wall.  Oil and cold wax painting on cradled panel, set in a painted tray frame, overall size 18x23cm. Reference information courtesy of Mark Bradford, Guide, Ely Cathedral.   Currently selected for and on show at Babylon Gallery Summer Open 2022 30th July to 28th August.

  • Size

    18 x 23cm

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