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"Minutiae"     £520

"Minutiae" £520

SKU: #279

Where the sea meets the land in the beautiful Guanacaste region of Costa Rica I have spent many happy hours absorbed in the intricate details of the ancient lines of the rock surfaces.  Patterns (which obviously aren't just confined to this particular region and country) form like mosaics in places, the line character changes with the ebb and flow of the tide, the colour of the rock surface can be elusive as the day progresses.  A visitor to my studio remarked that to her the painting resembled a map of Bristol (UK) where the town nestles between two areas of countryside, including a gorge.  What could your story be when you look at this painting, it is open to interpretation!  Oils and cold wax on cradled panel, set in a painted tray frame, overall size 53x53cm.

  • Size

    53x53cm framed.

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