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"Ginger The Howler Monkey"

"Ginger The Howler Monkey"

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£0.00Price Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary in Nosara, Costa Rica, provides a permanent, spacious home and ongoing care for wildlife that, due to psychological or physical injury, it is not possible to release back into the wild.  The sanctuary relies on donations to continue its amazing work, and to protect its beautiful patch of dry tropical rainforest, a value patch of biodiversity in a developing area.  All the money from the sale of this painting will go direct to  You can either make the donation yourself or I can make it on your behalf.  £150 is a suggested price, you can donate as much as you like!!  I will cover postage to a UK address.  Oil painting on cradled panel, size 15x15cm unframed.

  • Size

    15 x 15cm

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